Support for Students

Go from feeling pressured and overwhelemed,

to calm and in control.  


Custom anti-student stress plans.

Let's do this.


In person, online, or via phone. Appointments you have time for.


From organizing assignments, to getting you unstuck. It’s about your needs.


If you’re a university student, you probably have benifits, lets do our best to just use those.

Why I get it. 

I loved what I was learning.  I was following my passion.

But I kept getting STUCK.  

I’d find myself zoning out online, or sleeping in, or just not being able to focus when I was studying.  

I decided to go to a therapist (like any good therapist in training should!).  

It sucked! I asked for help with procrastintion, and instead, I was filling  out a million forms, and talking about how I felt about totally irrelevant things.  Sure those things might be important…

But when you’re in the middle of a semester, and deadlines are mounting, you’re in crisis mode! I needed someone who got that. 


I get it. 


I understand the psychology of procrastination, and draw on proven programs that can help – fast!

I have expereince working with university students, but know that your situation is unique.


The easiest way to start is to just give me a call or email, or even book a time for me to call you.  

As a fellow procrastinator, I reccomend doing it now, so it’s just done.

Then we can go at your pace and in your time, but at least the ball is rolling.

Get unstuck

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use my benifits?

We can figure out how much counselling your benifits cover, figure out a custom plan that doesn’t exceed those.

So it's free?

Unfortunatly not at first.  You need to pay as you go, save your recepits, then claim it back.  I try to make it easy by taking all kinds of payment, and emailing receipts you can submit easily.

How "custom" are we talking?

Having been a student, I get that needs change.  Sometimes we just needed a plan, and then to check in about it.  So maybe we meet once, then we email or text back and fourth.  Or maybe we just see how it goes, and schedule emergency phone support, for those days when you’re really feeling stuck.

Is this private?

Yes. Everything is confidential. Legally you would have to sign a fancy form for me to ever talk to anyone else about you.

What if I want to bail?

No problem. There’s no commitment, and you’re in control.  Free consultation, then pay as you go.

There is the standard “24 hours notice” to cancel appointments though.