Counselling for Adults


There is so much pressure to achieve certain things by certain ages.

We can’t help but compare ourselves to older generations, or to our peers.

Or we might just have a lot of goals to achieve, and struggle to meet our own standards.

Or we might just feel like we have no idea what we’re doing with our lives.

When we’re younger we can keep letting ourselves put things off, but as we get older we start to realize that this is our life, right now. 

Getting support, so we can have every chance to have the life we want, just makes sense.


Whether you feel like something is missing, or you’re having trouble handling everything that you do have going on, counselling can helpful for goal setting, or just setting aside time to actualy reflect on what’s going on for you.

I won’t give annoying obvious suggestions that you’e already thought of.

I get that things are more complicated than that. 

My approach is to help you see and remove barriers that might be in the way of the life you want.


Are you a parent?  Here’s an article I wrote for parents that are stuggling with anxiety and anger.