Support for Students

Go from feeling pressured & overwhelmed,

to calm and in control.  

Counselling for students.


Online from anywhere in BC.  Appointments you have time for.


Learn proven ways to procrastinate less and achieve more.

$ Might be Covered!

If you’re a student, you might have benifits.  Might as well use them!

This may be for you if… 

  • School is important to you

  • You leave things until the last minute, even though you don’t mean to

  • You dread disappointing your parents and teachers, or worse, letting yourself down

  • You have big dreams and big goals, and the idea of not achieving them is horrifying

But when you’re in the middle of a semester, and deadlines are mounting, you’re in crisis mode! 


I get it.


Whether you’re looking for a custom anti-procrastination plan, or just someone to talk to and have some accountability with, working with someone with specific experience supporting students can be a game changer. 



As a recovered procrastinator, I recommend reaching out below, or booking a free phone consult, so it’s just done, and the ball is rolling.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I pay?

    You would pay as you go via credit card or e-transfer. 

    If you have insurance through your school or parents, I encourage you to use it, for sure!

    After each payment I email a special receipt that you simply forward to your insurance agency. 


    Is this private?

    Yes. Everything is confidential. Legally, you would have to sign a fancy form for me to ever admit I know you. 

    Get unstuck