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Hello! I’m Nicole Thomson, MA, RCC.

I provide counselling in Squamish and online.

I specialize in anxiety and attention issues, especially when they interfere with goals or moving forward in life.

Why counselling?

Because sometimes life gets overwhelming, and you find yourself stuck in patterns of feeling unproductive, unmotivated, or even hopeless. 

Let’s reverse those negative cycles & move forward. 

Why Nicole?

The most important thing about finding a counsellor, is knowing they really “get” you, are on the same page about what you want, and how counselling will get you there.  

I provide free brief phone consultations. I’d love to hear your story, and explore how counselling might help you reach your goals. 

If you’re interested, you can check out the About me and Core values pages to see if I sound like your kind of person.

Check out my education and experience page to see that I know what I’m doing. 



I’d love to hear what’s happening, & see if I can help.