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      • Do you Find yourself: 

      • Feeling stuck, overwhelmed, & like you need a “break”… before even starting homework?

      • Finding that breaks don’t really help… leaving you discouraged, disheartened, or frustrated?

      • Knowing you really want to do well… Yet feeling guilt & pressure, instead of motivation…

      • …especially when you think of the huge importance (& investment) of school?

      • 1st: Don’t feel bad, this is common!

      • 2nd: We know how to treat school anxiety & procrastination <3

      • 3rd: You’ve come to the right place – it’s time to get unstuck!


        There is hope! Things can change. 

      • They did for me, & the students I’ve worked with.

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  I’m Nicole Thomson, MA, RCC.

  When I was a college/ university student, I struggled at first, too.

   Luckily, studying Psychology, led me to a world of amazing research & effective therapies. 

   Experiencing a huge shift for myself allowed me to pinpoint specific tools that seemed to help the most.

   Now as a Counsellor, I get to help clients go from feeling out of control & heading for disaster, to organized, confident, & unstoppable.  


Online appointments from anywhere in BC.


Learn evidence-based skills that targeting your specific challenges

Probably Covered!

Check your benefits.  Registered Clinical Counsellors may be covered!

      • Read on if you’d like to hear more about how I specialize in empowering university students.
      • Having once been a university student facing similar challenges, I understand the unique journey university life presents. I take immense joy in supporting and empowering university students like you to achieve your fullest potential.
      • Support for Overcoming Challenges:

        As a Counsellor, I am well-versed in helping university students navigate various challenges that may arise during this transformative phase of life. Whether it’s academic stress, time management, relationship issues, or career decisions, I am here to provide guidance and support.

      • Experienced working at a Major University Counselling Centre:

        During my professional journey, I had the privilege of interning at a major university counselling centre. Through this experience, I gained valuable insights into the specific challenges university students face. I ran groups focused on coping strategies and personal growth, providing practical tools to help students thrive in their academic and personal lives.

      • Your Guide to Personal Growth:

        My approach to counselling focuses on creating a supportive and non-judgmental space where you can freely explore your aspirations and challenges. Together, we’ll uncover insights and practical solutions to enhance your personal growth and academic success.

      • Maximizing Productivity through One-on-One Support:

        I understand that each student’s needs are unique, and that’s why I offer personalized one-on-one counselling sessions. Working directly with you, we will develop tailored strategies to maximize your productivity, improve time management, and overcome any hurdles that might hinder your academic achievements.

      • Unlock Your Full Potential:

        My mission is to empower you to unlock your full potential and lead a fulfilling life during your university journey. By identifying and addressing any obstacles that may be holding you back, we will work together to create positive and lasting changes.

      • Flexible Counselling Options:

        To accommodate your preferences and needs, I offer both in-person counselling sessions and online counselling options. Whether you prefer face-to-face interactions or the convenience of virtual sessions, rest assured that you’ll receive dedicated support and guidance throughout our sessions.

      • Start Your Journey Today:

        Begin your journey towards personal growth and empowerment with a Counsellor who understands the unique challenges of university life. Schedule a counselling session today and take the first step towards becoming the best version of yourself. Online counselling is also available for your convenience.

        Remember, seeking support is a powerful choice, and it demonstrates your commitment to living a life that aligns with your truest desires. Together, we will work towards a future where you feel empowered and fulfilled. Let’s work together to unlock your true potential and pave the way for a brighter futur

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